Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Groomer Needs to Have HER Nails Clipped Grrrrr

EmmaLou, Golden Destroyer visited a different groomer today and when we picked her up she looked nice and clean.  Little did we know the groomer had cut a nail waaaaaay too far down and poor little EmmaLou was bleeding like a stuck pig.  You should have seen our back seat - looked like something died in it.  It took about ten minutes of me and Devoted Spouse holding her down with him cooing at her to calm her while I held a damp paper towel and applied pressure to her little paw until it stopped bleeding.  In the meantime, there was blood all over my carpet, all over the couch which fortunately had a towel on it and gobs of paper towels soaking up the mess - the pic shows some leaflets we had in the back seat that she walked on and you can see huge streaks of blood.  I just wannt go to that groomer and grab the nail clippers and clip HER nail til it bleeds and see how SHE feels. Don't mess w/my fur-child!  Oh crap on a crutch!

Poor little girl is so traumatized she just sort of fell over and decided she needed a nap!  My poor baby.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Yes It IS All About Me & My Crap!

Usually the crap in my life concerns something in or around my life; some little piddly thing that affects my life, but doesn't have a serious impact.  Usually these postings are just about your normal everyday life crap.  Right?  Right.  Now I find myself really in crap - crap of my own.  After living with the aftermath of what I like to call the Ice Incident of 2009, the recovery on my back is going in the wrong direction.  Therefore, I become the Crap in my own blog - ladies and gentlemen, say hello to me and my crutch and my back which is about to begin a month of physical therapy 3 times a week.  Here we go again.  Oh crap on a crutch!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Technology 1; Woman 0

All I wanted to do was open my 2 new CDs of Eric Clapton and Bon Jovi - how hard can that be?  Ya know that little pull thingie that's red and like a teeeny tiny string on the edge of the CD and you pull it and the plastic comes off?  Well, it doesn't.  I managed to get the outer plastic off both CDs with just a little frustration.  Then on the top edge is another "Pull Here" sign.  I pulled there and did that strip along the edge come off enabling me to open my CD?  Of course not.  One little piece at a time, 15 minutes, many little pieces of plastic and a broken nail later I finally had both CD's open and ready to load into my mp3 player.  Oh, sure I could have used a knife.  That would have been the easy the last time I used a knife to open a CD not only did I poke my palm bloody, I broke the CD case. Amazing.  Oh crap on a crutch!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Crap in My Life; Now There's Crap on My Fence...Grrrr

So I'm walking around the property to see what maintenance we need to do -- what needs to be worked on in various flower beds, etc.  I stop at the side of our house and notice this massive, humongous pile of branches and pieces of tree all piled up in front of the fence.  It puzzles me.  Then I have the a-ha moment; last fall when Mick the Housepainter was painting the house, Devoted Spouse had to do some severe cutting of a lovely tree whose branches rested against the window of my craft   crap   library   home office in order for Mick to be able to paint.  What didn't occur to me was that he would LEAVE all that crap up against the fence and what HE doesn't understand is that under that crap USED to be quite a few tulips and other perrenials who are all now gasping for their last breath.  In the picture below you probably can't see the one faint struggling tulip trying to force its way thru.   Oh crap on a crutch!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

We're Still Being Invaded

Yes it rained again.  And no I'm not alone - I'm surrounded by worms in the hallway - little buggers are still climbing in over threshold to take comfort in my home.  And EmmaLou, Golden Destroyer is ignoring them.  Great golden huntress.  She'll eat a dead bird but ignores a worm on the move.  Gah.  Devoted Spouse was supposed to get new weatherstripping.  Guess who hasn't done that yet?  Here are a couple of new varmints.  And below you will see Devoted Spouse's solution to worm invasion.  I would prefer he put in the new weatherstripping.  Oh crap on a crutch!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ya Wanna Hear Crap That Irritates Me?

I have two other blogs over on the WordPress platform as most of you know  Crone and Bear It and Parchment Monkey  I'd like to add a widget for The Library Thing to Crone and Bear It  - this is a great widget that shows the books you are currently reading or have read.  With that simple widget I could ditch the extra pages Currently Reading and 2010 Books Read and save a lot of time and effort.  But WordPress won't allow this type of widget.  Come on - fix whatever it is you need to do to allow java or flash or whatever it is you are concerned about.  Blogger does just fine.  If I had the time, I would transfer my other two blogs over here to Blogger - but that is too big a job right now.  So if you want to see some of my books - I now have Library Thing here on Oh Crap on a Crutch.  As for WordPress and their widget fidget ...oh crap on a crutch! 

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Crap...No, Really it's Crap

Devoted Spouse takes EmmaLou, Golden Destroyer for a walk to check neighborhood peemail every morning.  Like the good citizen he is, he takes along some paper and a plastic bag in case EmmaLou makes a poop deposit along the way he can clean it up.  The issue is what Devoted Spouse then does with that plastic bag of poop.  I am not making this up...on his way into the house via the garage, he casually tosses the bag toward our bushes in front of our house - really he does!  It drive me insane to walk by the house and see various plastic bags of poop just laying in the mulch next to a bush and behind one of the perennials. Look closely at the pic and you will see a white plastic bag and a blue plastic bag.  This is in the FRONT of our house so anyone coming to our front door must pass by the dog poop-container walk of shame.   Regardless of how much I pester him Devoted Spouse persists in this behavior and refuses to pick up the bags until the evening prior to Trash Truck Day.  Gah...  Oh crap on a crutch!