Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Money Pit

The Money Pit strikes again.  This time it was a major water leak.  Oh it wasn't always major, but they never are.  Water is a devious little drips a little and a little more until you realize you have a terrible problem and wonder how you ever got there.

What began as a minor house repair to fix a leak in the ceiling in our living room has turned into a major re-construction job and my house is now known as The Money Pit.  Take a tip from me kids.  When you see a minor leak....fix it!!!   Oh Crap on a Crutch!


  1. We have had a few of those leaks and by the time you can see it on the ceiling then there is a lot to fix on the roof. Our neighbors have loose tiles and when we have those Santa Ana's come blowing each year, their tiles come flying off and blow onto our roof and crack our tiles, which then means we can get a leak.

    We have tried to get them to pay to fix it but unless we actually have a video tape of their tiles flying onto our roof, we have no proof it came from their roof. Geez they are missing tiles, extra tiles are on our roof and they say there is no proof. Good news is that they have to have leaks with their tiles missing. Dumb asses take forever to fix their roof.

    We get some strong winds during the Santa Ana's and these tiles are cement tiles and I think someone said they weigh almost 20 lbs each. We have what one could call is a very heavy roof. I hate to ever think about having to replace it. It would cost a small fortune. We bought a fair amount of tiles to replace any broken ones. They no longer make our exact tile, so we found a pallet at a roofing place and bought a good amount for spares. Wind can do a lot of damage. We could go into the fence business with how many times we have had to replace our fence.

    Yup, I have to say that I think most houses are money pits, which leads one to wonder why anyone wants to buy one. If they ever take away our mortgage tax deduction then I am freaking selling mine, even at a loss, and going to rent a condo. That way it will be someone else's headache to fix everything. Plus as we are getting older, we have found that we want to do less and less.

    I hope your roof gets fixed without too much more of a hassle. And be sure to make sure they put the right amount of insulation up there. Watching Holmes Inspection shows one how important the correct insulation is for one's house.

    God bless.

  2. Yeah I agree about the mortgage deduction - it goes and we start renting and let someone else fix everything. I'm tired of this nonsense. At least we have a good, decent construction guy and he's doing a good job for a reasonable amount of money - I just want to get out from under this big house...downsize and get rid of stuff, ya know? I think that attitude comes with age. I don't want to acquire more toys...too much to keep dusted. lol xoxo

  3. I tell my clients that about the only thing more damaging to a house than water is fire. Hope you got a good contractor.

  4. Hi Sandy - yes I'm very fortunate to have a very good contractor! Hopefully, this will all be over in a few more weeks! :)