Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Life is a "Pearls Before Swine" Episode Waiting to Be Drawn

Yes I know I'm supposed to be studying.  Now I'm behind because I had difficulty narrowing down my research paper even though Mentor Hal gave me some wonderful help -- it wasn't enough.  So the two ink cartridges and about 4 reams of paper of potential journal articles I could have used have now gone in the dumpster - yes I am adding to the ecological nightmare.  Sue me.  I have a new topic and a new direction but it's still crap - what do I know about the Theodicies of Evil -- I just know there is an evil presence on my shoulder who forces...yes, to go to Stephen Pastis' website and read his comic strip Pearls Before Swine  (if I forget to read it in the morning paper) and I have decided he and I were separated at birth because he as twisted and punny as I. Here's his blog and it's funny, too.  So for your pleasure while I am in this ridiculously difficult and time-consuming Masters Program - I have added a Pearls Before Swine Widget to the sidebar so everyday you can read his strip and laugh while remembering I am sitting at this library table which is heaped with crap - the detritus of school - textbooks, papers, reference books from my own library, and my ever present Manual for Writers (de rigeur for this Seminary).  And the picture that shows one of my Theology textbooks next to my laptop???  Hard to see, but on my laptop I have Stephen Pastis webpage....not my research....Oh crap on a crutch.


  1. Dang.....looks like my desk!

  2. Hi Stepping - Since I got my Journal Article Critique written, the table is a little better...but not much - now it has tons of reference books as I try to amass sources for my research paper - crap on a crutch. I'm fading table is like one of those episodes of Hoarders....they'll find me one day literally buried under all this research and school crap. snort. ;)

  3. Oh. I see you are just as fond of post-it notes as I am.
    Don't know what we did before they were invented.
    And is that a package of yellow high-lighters I see?
    Yep. You and I are true Sisters.

  4. The Divine Ms G - told ya we were separated at birth - I mark up books like crazy - took me years to mark up my bible - at first I thought that was downright sacriligious - then realized it may be the word of God but it's also a book and I need to make notes of particular messages and meanings and stuff that's important - again different colors and notes in margins. I'm nuts that way. giggling