Thursday, June 24, 2010

Golden Destroyer Hits The Jackpot While I'm Gone

Here is a picture of our bed - with a very nice quilt set on it - cost big bucks, trust me.

And here is a pic of what happens when Mom is away, Dad forgets to close the door to our room and EmmaLou has her way with the cotton quilt:

I made it extra large so you can see the damage she did to two panels of the quilt and no I did not find matching fabric - I got close and it will have to do coz I am NOT buying another quilt set for the bed. Stoopid dog -- Oh crap on a crutch!


  1. Uh, are she and DS in trouble now? Can it be fixed? I bet DS knows to shut the door now. Maybe she was searching for treasure in there. She is still such a cutie.

    God bless.

  2. She is in trouble - he's a man, what can I say? It didn't occur to him she would go in there and punish me this way. I found some material that is close and will try to sew on two squares and make it presentable - I think from a distance it will be okay. I am NOT spending another $300 to replace this. No way. danged dog...I still adore her and yes she's a cutie. But such a bad cutie. LOL

  3. Emma was just mad at you. That's what dogs and cats do.
    I once had a cat many many years ago. I left her for a few days (with more than enough water and food). When I came home, I discovered she peed in my shoes.

  4. Coco - I know she was upset but why couldn't she have picked the bedding in the guest room - it didn't cost as much! At least she didn't leave me any "gifts" under the bed. yikes