Monday, August 9, 2010

Wait a Minute...YOU'RE the Expert

One of my favorite retail sites is  I obtain quite a few of my books there, both hard copy, and e-books for my Kindle.  To keep up-to-date on my favorite authors, I signed up for an email newsletter which announces the latest titles in the genres of reading material I enjoy.  Sounds simple so far, eh?  For the past couple of months I have received a newsletter on the latest books of that particular month...and it's entirely in code.  Ya know... this stuff:  <style> img {display: block;} .ai {display:inline;} td {line-height:12px;} </style > <table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="654" align="center" bgcolor="#ffffff" > <tr> <td alignof  I emailed them with the issue and they wrote back:  "Check your email preferences and make sure you have marked 'HTML with text and pictures'".  I checked and sure enough that's what I had requested.  The next month here comes the newsletter once again in code.  I emailed the issue and THIS time they tell me to make my preference "text only."  I don't WANT text only - I want to SEE the picture of the book.   I'm a consumer...I like to see what I may or may not be buying.  It seems to me this should be a pretty simple fix on their end.  Because it is being handled by someone who obviously doesn't understand the issue...I have my own solution.  I canceled all the newsletters from  Oh crap on a crutch....


  1. Frustrating isn't it when they don't seem to care if they fix the problem or not.

  2. Actually Delaney I think they do care about this problem because they keep emailing me and getting more information (of course all that could have been done in ONE email...) it's just that they can't seem to figure out what the problem is - I'll bet we have traded 10 emails back and forth since I posted this and it isn't finished yet. I find it difficult to believe a company as big as Amazon doesn't have a technical guy - a programmer who can just take a look and fix this - it can't be that hard.