Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Things One Finds Under the Family Couch (Gasp!)

So there we were, Devoted Spouse and I, Pastor Steve, and another nice gentleman from the church, all moving my couch, love seat, and that antique glass coffee table to a truck to be delivered to our church for their Flea Market on Saturday. It's way past time for the furniture to get a new home and with my balance lately I just know I'm gonna take a header into that glass coffee table.  Ya'll know that flowery couch I'm talking about -- you've seen it in enough EmmaLou this will remind you:

Anyway, it was on its way out of the living room when lo and behold we found treasure under the couch.  I couldn't believe my eyes -- there on the floor was the following:

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you -- two guns were under my living room couch unbeknownst to me.  The one closest to the crutch is an Italian Flintlock (a Pedersoli for those of you who are into guns) and the one on the top was in Devoted Spouse's family -- it dates to before the Civil War and it's a percussion cap Kentucky rifle made by CM Cox.  Ummmm.... both of these pieces of treasure NOW reside in the gun safe, thank you very much.  I thought I'd beat Pastor Steve to the web with this story!  Oh crap on a crutch...


  1. At least if anyone was trying to break in and get the guns then they would never have found those two. Truly a good place for them. But maybe you should look into trying to find a museum for the pre-Civil War rifle. It is probably worth donating to one. Maybe the other one is worth it too. Really cool that you have them. And they were kept safe from the Golden Destroyer thinking they were chew toys.

    God bless.

  2. Mrsupole - I would have personally ripped EmmaLou from limb to limb if she had chewed on Devoted Spouses' rifles - well, I would have at least swatted her good. Fortunately, they were far enough under the couch she couldn't reach them. But what a surprise that was!!! They are in the gun safe where they belong now! I dunno who's worse EmmaLou or Devoted Spouse! lol