Saturday, November 27, 2010

All That and the Kitchen Sink Too

All I wanted was some non-softened water to feed my plants.  So off I trot to the faucet in the kitchen with the Brita filter on it.  Ez Pz right?  Wrong.  It won't give filtered water.  The little green light that's supposed to blink several times then stop to signifiy the water is "safe" to drink was a steady green.  Now, Devoted Spouse had replaced the filter not long ago.  Shoot...he even went so far as to put a new battery in this thing.  And still it defied me with it's stupid non-blinking green light.  My plants were suffering the effects.

Off I trot to Bed, Bath & Beyond w/my 20% coupon in hand to buy a new filter.  Aha, I think to myself...I'm going to be smart and buy a different type of filter this time.  Say "hello" to my new little PUR filter... oh and guess what?  It spurts water like a flippin' geyser every time you turn on the tap -- Devoted Spouse assures me it just isn't a tight enough fit yet.  I'm thinkin' my appliance curse has now reared it's ugly head once again....



  1. LOL! When oh when will you learn! Stop buying appliances. LOL!

  2. Apparently's now in pieces on counter and I'm off tomorrow to find a different filter and try again...sigh...I'm just not meant to live in the modern world. LOL