Friday, September 3, 2010

Yikes! Now I'm Writing Excuses to AMVETS

Yes, once again I find myself having to explain EmmaLou, Golden Destroyer's bad behavior to someone.  Thursday evening I had two large trash bags packed with goodies for AMVETS to pick up.  The bags were placed close to our front door so Devoted Spouse could put them on front porch first thing Friday morning.  The nice AMVETS lady always sends me a postcard which is supposed to be attached to one of the bags.  I attached the postcard and within five minutes I walked back into the foyer to find EmmaLou, Golden Destroyer, had ripped the postcard off the bag and had it in tatters all over the floor.  Out came the scotch tape and I actually found myself writing a note on the card to the nice AMVETS people - "Sorry - Dog chewed card."  I am soon to be the laughing stock of AMVETS.... Oh crap on a crutch!


  1. If it is ANY comfort at all, my aunt and my mother have both left these notes on their Salvation Army pick up bags :)

  2. I am sure all kinds of things happen to the notes and if you brightened up anyone's day then you did a good thing. Bringing a smile to anyone is a rare gift. Accept that you and EmmaLou are special and they are lucky to have you donate and to make it a fun donation is even better. LOL

    God bless.

  3. Taderdoodles & Mrsupole: I imagine they have seen worse things than a chewed-up and scotch-taped note on the bags they get!! Hugs to both of you!!