Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This Ain't No Trading Spaces

I absolutely hate, loathe, and abhor the time period known as 'redecorating'.  Ack.  It's driving me totally over the edge.  My dining room is unusable because it holds all the crap that was in the living room antique armoire.  My living room is unusable because...'s still being painted!  What's truly annoying is even though there is just the first coat, these pictures don't show you how lovely this shade of green is. Ack. You will just have to trust me that Mountain Haze from Behr Paint is a gorgeous color for a living room.  I know..I know... it will look better when the furniture arrives and all is put back where it belongs.  In the meantime,  EmmaLou, Golden Destroyer is distraught at being literally barred from both rooms by baby gates. And I can't even use my comfy chair because that will get in the way of Handsome Paint Dude. And, without hurting his feelings, how do I tactfully tell him he missed a spot over here...and over there... and oh gah... oh crap on a crutch... 

This used to be my dining room ACK

Part of my unusable living room & my lonely comfy chair  sob

Not gettin' me up on that ladder, no sir


  1. Good to know you won't be climbing up on that ladder! As for the missed spots, you might want to let him know about them BEFORE he cleans his brushes and puts away the paint;-)

  2. Nope - I did my part getting up on the step stool to help put the painters tape around some of the wood moulding - ack. I don't do ladders. He knows there are a few missed spots - I just don't want to make too big a deal out of it since most of it will be behind furniture or artwork anyway. Never tick off the painter you know....