Monday, March 29, 2010

Conspiracy Theory # 273

If all the charities and the cutesy animal places send you enough return address labels, you will be so inundated with labels that you will feel obligated to use them on an envelope to which you will affix a very expensive postal stamp, thus keeping the Postal Service afloat.  The pic below is probably 1/3 of the actual amount of free labels I have been sent in the mail in the last few months.  I have more upstairs in my crap room   craft room   home office   study   nest  and didn't feel like dragging all of them out.  Maybe my next artwork will be made up entirely of return address labels...  oh crap on a crutch.


  1. I have dozens of those too! I think the craft idea is a good one. Let me know when you come up with something simple as I need simple these days.

  2. I'm actually thinking of doing a wooden Easter egg decoupaged with the labels. They might look cute on a tray, too. Right now I put them in my books (in case I loan one) and hope I don't move any time soon! LOL Hugs!