Friday, March 19, 2010

Snap! Part Two in The Camera Saga

So there I am trying to take a pic of EmmaLou with my lil GE camera and I click on the button and this message pops up - MEMORY FULL.  Huh?  How can the memory be full?  I have a 4 gig SD card in this puppy - so I try again...she's still in the "cute position"...MEMORY FULL.  Gah...WTHeck is going on with this stoopid camera?  I flip it over, open the battery section and lo and behold there is NO SD card.  Hmmm... Oh yeah...there it is just sitting on the table of disgrace by my comfy chair. So I had to grab the Nikon instead and yes, the dog moved so no cute pic of her this time.  Note to self: Put the memory card IN the camera.  Oh crap on a crutch.


  1. Gee Linda I wonder how you knew what that lovely bejeweled little box was for...ROFL

  2. At least EmmaLou didn't eat the card thinking it was a black cracker.

  3. Sandy - I am so happy she didn't discover it because she loves little "treasures" and it would have been gone in a heartbeat. She was disgusted with me trying to take her picture and had left the room. LOL