Saturday, March 13, 2010

Handyman Anyone?

All I wanted to do was turn the hall light on this morning.  Not a big deal.  Nothing happened when I flipped the switch.  All the other lights work.  Not the one I want.  That's because this is the crap I live with in midlife.  Now Devoted Spouse has tools on the table, extra light switches out and has gone to the big Orange Box of Toys to pick up more electrical goodies so he can fix this problem.  Wish he would tackle the leaking roof.  Oh crap on a crutch.


  1. It must be so nice to have someone who is handy with repairs around the house. Give her credit my friend is quite good at DIY and I am not too bad with a paint brush so we can manage decorating but electrical work - perhaps not.

  2. He is handy most of the time - but I sent him on a fool's errand - the switch wasn't really broken. I'm such a bad girl. LOL