Monday, March 15, 2010

Let Me Introduce You to the Golden Destroyer

My 11 faithful readers of Crone and Bear It know I am owned by an adorable 6 year old Golden Retriever named EmmaLou - whom I refer to as my Golden Destroyer.  She has her own page at my home blog and you can see and read some of her adventures over there.  But today since this is my Crap page, I will share with you her latest round of shenanigans.  Because she tends to rip up my furniture with her nails, or chews on the cushions and I have to keep replacing couches, I went to one of my favorite hangouts Le Tarzhay and found a lovely and large dog bed for her.  Now this was not a $10.99 bed; no, it cost me the equivalent of a nice lunch for 3 at The Cheesecake Factory.  But she is my precious pup and deserves comfort in a bed.  It took awhile for her to understand that the couch was not her bed; her bed was now that huge blue plaid matressy-looking thing on the floor.  Once she got used to it, she found it was comfy.  Her mama even gave her an old couch pillow for her head.  (Awwwww)  Problem:  EmmaLou became bored one day and decided to look for buried treasure in her new bed.  She ripped apart one side and proceeded to pull out the stuffing; some of which she ate as a tasty snack.  EmmaLou then decided to reclaim her rightful place back on the family room couch. In the pics below you will see her at her bed contemplating eating the stuffing she has just torn out and also the return to her "rightful bed".    Oh crap on a crutch.


  1. Somethings we just can't change.

  2. She's a handful - but we love her, so we keep the furniture covered now and just hope for the best. It helps when we keep her busy too - as soon as it warms up and the back yard dries out she can run and play ball and use up that excess (and destructive) doggie energy!