Sunday, March 28, 2010

^&%(&^ Stoopid Light

I spent 3 hours hanging out at the local coffee house, drinking iced tea, hot mocha, eating veggie soup, and I also downed a spinach veggie wrap.  I searched countless places on the net, I read and answered all my email, I FaceBooked (is that a verb now?) I Twittered, I even read the news.  I worked on future blog posts for all THREE blogs.  Only to find out the mechanic couldn't get the &^%&&^% engine bolt off and he was gonna be at least another 2 hours.  I called Devoted Spouse who came and got me and took me home.  Two hours later the car was fixed - it had new spark wires, new plugs, new this, new that, some type of fuel system clean-out (which I imagine was just a way for them to make another $99 off me) and I paid them something very close to $500.00.  I got in my car, turned over the engine, and lo and behold the Check Engine Light DID NOT come on.  Yay.  Done.  Go home, be happy.

Sunday as I'm driving home from church I got a funny feeling on the back of my neck.  Ya know when something is wrong but you don't know what it is?  It's eerie, that's what it is.  Devoted Spouse and I go inside the house, goof off for awhile and decide we want a pizza.  So I call a pizza for pick-up and ten minutes later go out to my car, get in, put key in ingnition, turn over engine and guess what pops up?  &^&%$%%% CHECK ENGINE LIGHT.   Grrr...  Guess who will be parked out front of her mechanics shop first thing as he opens Monday morning?  Oh Crap on a Crutch!


  1. Half the time I don't think they know what's wrong. Most mechanics today (and it may not be their faults, cars are so complicated now) just seem like parts changers. Figure if they change enough of them, they'll hit the problem eventually. Hopefully before you hit bankruptcy.

  2. I have to tell you the word verification that came up just now was bless. Thought you would like that.

  3. Hi Sandy - I tend to agree they don't really know what's going on all the time - too many little things can go wrong and it's "spin the dial" and see what comes up and we'll just go ahead and change out that part and see. Duh. I like my mechanics but I'm tired of this. This is gonna make me make a decision to buy a newer car sooner than I planned. ack. As to the word verification - yep - God always has a sense of humor and a "kind" word when needed. :)